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Latest Hairstyles from the Long Hair section

Natural Hippie Hair

Beautiful blonde and brunette colored hair worn out and natural.

50 Amazing Hairstyles

I love to adorn my hair with different looks and accessories. Braiding is such an easy way to transform your looks and to create something interesting and unique.

50 amazing hairstyles featuring braids to help inspire your next hairdo!

Which one is your favourite?

Have you tried any of these hairstyles?


Layered Long Hair

A collection of gorgeous long layered hairstyles from the flat ironed poker straight layered styles to big, bouncy layered hair full of volume and everything in between. Layering your hair offers you much versatility and is a great way to maintain healthy looking hair while keeping your length.

Here is a collection of the best layered hairstyle pictures for 2012.

By Go Coppola