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In the mid 90’s, bands such as Rites of Spring, Weezer and Sunny Day Realestate start moving away from the dirty grungy pessimism of the music of those times towards more punky, happy kinda preppy and totally emotional mixed in with some gothic accessories, through time this became the very well know subculture known as EMO.

The legendary Weezer

The legendary Weezer

Sunny Day Real Estate

Sunny Day Real Estate

Today being an emo embodies an entire lifestyle, a sense of style which is unique, a love of raw emotional music, a pessimistic outlook on life with a feeling social discontent and being totally misunderstood while also looking totally cute.

Emo Hairstyles

When we think of emo hairstyles we think of:

  • Straight hair died black with a chunky side bang covering one eye.
  • Hairstyle with sharp edges, angles and shapes
  • A unisex hairstyle that can be worn by both emo boys and emo girls alike – very androgynous, although girls sometimes wear the style a bit longer.
  • The side bang can include a streak or block of hair that is in another color such as blonde, pink, purple whatever you like really.
Cute Emo Couple

Cute Emo Couple

6 responses to “Emo Emo Emo”

  1. […] Emo Hairstyles do take a lot of time to maintain. You will probably have to see your stylist every 2 to 3 months to get your haircut maintained, alternatively you can just let it grow out but it won’t be the same look you were going for originally considering that the side fringe pretty much needs to be about 3 to 4 inches long for the right effect. Gorgeous Emo Girl with Black Hair and a Blue Streak Side Swept Emo Fringe You can add cute little bows to your emo haircut Play around with vivid colors for your streak, after all most colors look great when contrasting with black hair Great emo haircut with blonde streaks in dark brown hair Delicate dark pink and blonde streaks underneath give the hairstyle more character and is easier to maintain as the roots will not be seen as the hair grows out. Emo hair in an icy shade of white […]

  2. blu says:

    I wish my dad let me color and cut my hair the way i want it to be. I love the couples hairstyles. 😀

  3. Red says:

    I’m 12 am I too young to be emo and dye my hair and do streaks? Should I use temporary dye?

  4. HAILY says:

    Heey i’m haily and i love love the frist emo hair cut and i’m going to be getting it too and i can’t wait my mom said she dose not like the black but i told her she has to get use to it 😛 and i want to know is it hard doing ur hair in the moring?
    BYEE LOVE YOU !!!!!!

  5. I greatlyenjoyed reading your post! I get excited by all things antiques, but in particular engagement rings.

  6. sarah says:

    Hey my name is sarah and i adore emo’s my hair is black and i have like sic streaks colored difrently i wanna know how to be an emo in the inside not just on the outside :/

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