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To Victoria Beckham Haircut or Not

Victoria Beckham is a style icon. The former Spice Girl is a trend setter in the fashion world and often makes headlines regarding her hairstyle. People want to know what the latest Victoria Beckham hairstyle or Victoria Beckham haircut is and how to get it.

Victoria Beckham’s hair has gone through many style changes and in this picture gallery I have included her recent looks in the past few years. Lets begin with Victoria Beckham’s most recent efforts the Victoria Beckham pixie look. Not a bad look for her although it makes her appear quite gaunt and fragile. Victoria Beckham can however pull it off with her thin frame and sophisticated style.

Not too long ago in 2007 Victoria Beckham donned a wonderful blonde hairstyle that was asymmetrical and very fashion forward. This Victoria Beckham haircut and color was a big show stopper. I must admit this was my favourite of all her hairstyles. It made her look youthful and radiant. But then I am a big blonde fan and think it usually looks better on most people.

The Victoria Beckham picture gallery also includes images of the star wearing wigs, long hair with hair extensions and the classic Victoria Beckham bob.