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Beyonce Short Blonde Hair

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This is one of the shortest hairstyle you will find on Beyonce. I love the contrast between the blonde above and the dark brown underneath, it creates a great texture and volume to the hair.

4 responses to “Beyonce Short Blonde Hair”

  1. Ron says:

    Brown-under-blonde is disgusting and *low class*, a pathetically misguided attempt at a beautiful two-tone like Anna Paquin in X-Men.

  2. jenna says:

    If u are hot it dosent matter what color ur hair is how the f does a color of someones hair make them low class. ron you probably look like ronald mcdonald.

  3. madilynnn says:

    thats really rude i think beyonce looks good…

  4. savannah says:

    i think that it is lovely and all use that are disiing ityuse can shutup !!!!!!!

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