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Beyonce with big hair and big bangs. This is a gorgeous hairstyle, I never think that black roots showing is very nice on anybody but it definitely works here.

9 responses to “Beyonce with Bangs and Big Wavy Hair”

  1. barbra says:

    this is really gorgeous .too bad my hair will never groe that long.

  2. Bri Breezy says:

    diz is off the hook i love dis hair style

  3. KaY says:

    This lace wig is really cute. Love the big hair.

  4. alexis says:

    i luv dis pic she should hav kept it dis way

  5. Rachel says:

    Why are half of the people responding to this, talking like they have speech impediments. It’s scary to think that 50% of her fan base is that illiterate…

  6. bree says:

    why is Rachel so rude? it’s the internet I’m almost a 100% sure that these people know how to speek just choose to shorten their phrases…
    and this hairstyle is really cute i think i’m gonna dye my hair this color blonde cause i dont want my roots growing in looking ugly and this one looks good with the roots showing 🙂

  7. sam says:

    this is amasing i love it i hope my hair stylist knows how to do it! 😀

  8. Jo-Ann says:

    this hair style is so gorgeous. those shades are fab. im gona copy this pic and take it to my hair dresser.

  9. eferibs says:

    wow you realy look sweet there is no doubt about it.

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